Best Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer in India 2022

Brady Morris is the best single girder EOT crane manufacturer in Ahemdabad Gujarat, India that offers a wide variety of EOT crane designs to, fit industrial needs. In every industry, handling materials is a critical function since bulk materials are moved from one location to another and their properties are altered. Cost can be reduced by optimizing the most lucrative sector. Bulk goods transportation is costly and inadequately protected. Product quality is lowered as a result of price reductions.

As industrial machinery used for material handling, EOT cranes play a crucial role. Single-girder EOT cranes utilize a hoist mounted on a trolley to lift structures. We are the most popular single girder EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and our cranes are designed with convenience and safety in mind. 

Our single girder overhead crane design can be customized to meet specific needs as well as being offered in standard configurations. A variety of sizes and capacities are available to meet the lifting requirements of our customers. We have offered single girder cranes up to 30 meters long with payload capacities as low as 250kg or 15T. We design and manufacture our cranes and hoists with adequate safety guidelines in mind, and we can customize our products to meet the needs of both new and existing buildings. 

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What is a Single girder EOT crane?

Single girder EOT cranes offer safety, economics, and efficiency. Components of the system include cranes for material handling with capacities of up to 20 tons. Additionally, it features rails attached to gantry girders, as well as wire ropes, hooks, brakes, drums, pulleys, and other components. Brady Morris is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of EOT cranes. We are a Most Reputed brand as a single girder EOT crane Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, so the crane is designed for light work and short periods of time. 

Types of Single Girder EOT cranes

Material handling machinery, such as EOT cranes, plays a crucial role in the industry. Single-girder EOT cranes use a trolley-mounted hoist for lifting structures. They are classified as regular cranes. It is classified into two types based on the number of cross girders and the type of operation.

Top-running is one and under-running is the other. There are structural girder cranes with a capacity of up to 10 tons and a lifting range of 60 feet in the top runner cranes, the ELV and ELK. Runway girders are supported by roof structures underneath the bottom flange of the runway. Under running has the benefit of approaching a small dimension of a building’s width and height.

We are the top single girder EOT Crane Manufacturer in India to offer a wide range of fixed girder EOT cranes, which includes LDA series, LD series, HD series, LX series and SDXQ series, as well as manual single girder suspension cranes. EOT cranes with single girders help grab materials with a relative humidity lower than 85%.

Single Girder EOT Crane Parts 

Brady Morris is the leading Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer, supplier, and exporter, and our workshop is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Also, we are a double girder overhead crane manufacturer company that specializes in Annual Maintenance Contract Services (AMC Services), Modification, Upgrading, Repair Work, Servicing And Overhaul, EOT crane Repairing Services, Crane Health Check-Up, Crane Safety Certification Services. Main Parts of the Single Girder EOT cranes:

Best Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer in India 1

  • Girder hoist
  • Hook
  • Gearboxes 
  • Other Mechanical Parts
  • Motors
  • Panels 
  • Cables
  • Girders
  • End Carriage 
  • Crab

Single Girder EOT crane specifications   

Minimum Quantity TO Order 1
Type of crane Single Garter Type
Load Capacity Less than 40 tons
Source of Power Electric
Range of cranes 0-5 Tons,
5-10 Tons,
10-15 Tons, 
15-20 Tons, 
20-25 Tons, 
>25 Tons
Maximum height >100 Feet
Brand Brady Morris
Colour Yellow

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Features of Single Girder EOT Crane

Brady Morris is a leading single girder EOT crane manufacturer in India that offers a wide range of cranes with highly specific features as per the requirements of various industries. Some of them are given below:

Best Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer in India

  • Less expensive to operate
  • Chain with two grooves for lifting heavy objects
  • Capacity up to 40 tons
  • Handling with care and gentleness
  • Low dead weight for high stability
  • Vibrations are reduced and stability is improved
  • Cables are lightweight
  • Designed and manufactured according to Indian standards
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Crane that takes up little space.
  • Maintainable
  • Constructed of lightweight materials

Benefits of Single Girder EOT Crane

A high level of efficiency:

With a long service life, the single girder EOT Crane is one of the most powerful cranes available. EOT Cranes are reliable and have a long service life. We are a leading single girder EOT crane manufacturer and supplier in India. That’s why we manufacture cranes specifically for each industry as per their requirements. The gearboxes and motors used in standard hoisting as per their systems are designed to achieve desired outcomes and maximize uptime.

Maintaining consistency

As the best single girder EOT crane manufacturer in India, we have the responsibilities to provide girder tensile rigidity and end carriages, high-tech construction equipment is available. Technology and components were evaluated for efficiency in handling loads and low maintenance.

Application-driven engineering

A crane has a long lifespan and can be customized to meet specific requirements. This crane had low-room architecture and flexibility capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions on Single Girder EOT Cranes

What is the meaning of the EOT crane?

Electric overhead travelling cranes (EOT cranes), also known as bridge crane is one of the most common overhead crane configurations, consisting of parallel runways and a travelling bridge over the gap. These cranes operate using electricity exclusively.

What is a single girder crane used for?

If carefully designed, a single girder crane can be the ideal solution for businesses that require a light to medium duty crane, or for facilities with limited headroom and floor space. In many applications and industries, single girder bridge cranes are the most cost-effective lifting solution.

How is crane deflection calculated?

Divide the span of your crane (its length in inches or centimetres) by the crane’s deflection limit. By using inches instead of feet, we can calculate the deflection of a workstation bridge crane.

What is crane capacity?

The crane load capacity is one of the most important calculations in any construction project. Using the following formula, you can calculate the crane capacity index: (Average (radius x lift height x capacity) / 100. 

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