Single Girder Cranes

Single Girder Cranes

Single Girder Cranes manufactured by Brady & Morris is by far the best in the market for companies that are looking for light duty work and proper floor space utilization while lowering the construction cost. These long-lasting cranes are reasonably price, and fully compact with features to transfer materials efficiently at a distance limited to 30m. Brady & Morris’s Single Girder Cranes have a humongous capacity up to 25 Tonnes.

Single Girder Cranes which are manually operated are called HOT (Hoist One Track) cranes, electrically operated ones are called EOT (Electrical Overhead Travel). EOT cranes are easy to use and require much lesser effort than HOT cranes.

Single Girder Cranes Prices depends on variety of factors which are mentioned below-Single Girder Crane

• Crane’s span
• Capacity
• Durability
• Height of lift
• Application and other features

HOT cranes comprised of girder, end carriage, manual chain hoist/Chain pulley block along with travelling trolley, hook, gearboxes and other mechanical parts. It has low maintenance cost as compared to EOT cranes. The overall effort needed to operate this crane is large. The cost of HOT crane is less than EOT crane but highly capable of providing a good service at lower price.

Not to mention that EOT cranes runs on rails unlike other type of cranes that has arms. Single girder eot crane provide better floor coverage and length of the rail can be set-up according to your need. For that reason, eot cranes have high demand in buildings with minimum space . The crane has bridge girder which is built from I beams/ U beams or fabricated box section.

The bridge gear is hold by two end carriage each housing a pair of wheels. These wheels are moved using electrical motors. A pendant station hanging from wire rope hoist is used to operate the crane. Now-a-days, radio remote control is widely used to operate single girder eot crane which make it almost effortless.

Brady & Morris’s single girder crane specifications are point-out below-

• Modular Standard and Customized design as per IS3177/IS807 to match the budget of the customer
• Creates minimum noise while using
• Minimum 30 years of life span
• There are options in handling the equipment via manually i.e. human powered or electrically powered
• Single Girder Cranes is well built to carry materials upto 25 Tonnes.
• Best quality cable system is provided
• TEFC motors with class F insulation are intact in these cranes to provide fully dust-free and water resistant facility
• Flame proof material such as gun-metal, aluminum bronze and aluminium available to lessen the risk factor
• Space limitation can be tackle easily as short-headroom hoist is provided
• Specialized cranes for steel industry are available as per IS4137/IS807
• Semi- electronic models (Semi-EOT) of cranes are available
• Cranes are available for heavy duty application

Features of single crane eot cranes are listed below-

1. The cable system is light weight and compact
2. Options are provided to choose VVVF drives
3. A wired push button Pendant control by an operator is used in lifting and lowering the load.
4. Dual speed and customized speed are available
5. Lessen human effort as motors, panels, brakes, cables, etc do the work
6. Two option for hoist are offered i.e. electrically operated wire rope hoist or electrically operated chain hoist along with electric trolley
7. Box girder is built with supreme quality, stability and rigidity.
8. The latest technologies and components used in these cranes are user-friendly.

Brady & Morris is regarded as a leading single girder eot cranes manufacturer not only in India but also globally with yearly sales of 400 quantities. This single girder eot crane manufacturer in ahmedabad is approved by profound consultants such as MECON, Tata Consultancy, MN Dastur, Engineering India Limited, PDIL, PMC, WAPCOS, etc.

Our company has been successfully delivering single girder cranes all over the world since its inception. We are ready to provide instant assistance and guidance for any kind of queries or maintenance work.