Double Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer in India

Brady Morris is the leading Double Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer and Supplier in India where the production and repair plant is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. A double girder crane consists of two bridge grinders, two end trucks, and a hoist assembly, which is generally attached to the top of the crane. The double girder cranes have an ideal capacity for lifting and transporting loads over 10 tons and for spans, of more than 25m. With spans, up to 40m double girder overhead cranes can handle loads of up to 200 tons.

In India, Brady Morris is the popular Double Girder EOT Crane manufacturer in India that allows you to handle unwieldy loads safely and precisely. Using special installation alternatives, it can be adapted to planned or existing buildings. A leading manufacturer of Double girder overhead cranes, we offer additional options to increase safety and productivity. There are two types of Double Girder Cranes used in industries. One is used manually operated called HOT and the other is electrically operated called EOT.

For years, Brady Morris has provided the nation with the highest quality cranes and remarkable service in Ahemdabad. Brady Morris leading Double Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer in India has been serving the country with high-quality cranes and amazing service. All of our products are manufactured to meet international quality standards, and as a result, they are highly valued in the market. Brady Morris can provide double girder cranes or anything else you may need. Our company’s team is always prepared to offer you the best solutions.

What is a Double Girder crane?

Double girder crane manufacturer

A double girder crane is also known as a double-beam crane. It is an overhead lifting device used for lifting heavy objects. This device consists of a horizontal beam with a hook on one end so that the load can be attached to it. A load is a structure that is designed to be lifted or moved by a double-girder crane. It is one of the most commonly used cranes in the construction industry. Various types of cranes are manufactured and supplied by double girder eot crane manufacturers in India. Cranes of this type are commonly used in heavy-lifting projects.


Main Parts of Double Girder Crane 

  1. Hoist
  2. Girders
  3. End Carriage 
  4. Crab system with Electric Trolley For Double Grider EOT Crane
  5. Hook
  6. Gearboxes 
  7. Other Mechanical Parts
  8. Motors
  9. Panels 
  10. Cables
  11. Manual Crab Hoisting system along with Travelling Trolley for HOT Crane

What are the Features of double girder cranes by Brady Morris?

Double girder crane manufacturer

  1. Heavy-load materials and objects are lifted using double girder cranes.
  2. Up to 250 tons can be lifted by this crane.
  3. The Double Girder EOT crane is cost-effective compared to an EOT crane with a single girder.
  4. Having two girders makes it stronger and more durable.
  5. The gears are made of alloy steel, hardened, and precision-cut. 
  6. Even if a high hook lift is required, it can be used at any capacity.

Different Types of Double Girder eot Crane Manufactured by Brady Morris 

Double Hoist Crane Manufacturer in India

The double hoist crane is a single girder crane with two electric hoists for efficient material handling. Brady Morris doubles overhead hoist cranes are available in several designs including double overhead hoist cranes and double overhead hoist gantry cranes. For lifting and transporting loads over ten tons and spans in excess of 20 meters, double hoist cranes are ideal. Overhead cranes with spans of up to 40 meters can handle loads of up to 20 tons.

Double Girder Bridge Crane Manufacturer in India

The double girder bridge cranes can either be made from standard bridge structural shapes or from fabricated boxes. There are two types of double girder cranes: top-running cranes and under-running cranes. For spans greater than 10 meters and capacities exceeding 15 tons, a top-running double-girder bridge crane will provide the most overhead space. Brady Morris manufactures cranes up to 60m long with capacities up to 250 tons. 

Double Girder Goliath Crane Manufacture in India

As a top Double Girder eot Crane Manufacturer and Supplier in India, we have designed Double Girder Goliath Cranes that offer an excellent solution to handle heavy loads over a large area. At cost-effective prices, Brady Morris we provide these cranes according to the technical specifications supplied by our clients. They are capable of lifting up to 70 tons. 

Double Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer in India

In India, Brady Morris is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Double girder EOT crane specifications. Standard cranes are designed in such a way that they are strong, compact and safe at the same time. Our company manufactures boxes made from rolled steel sections or plates and welded together with suitable stiffening wherever necessary. Double girder EOT crane parts can lift and transport loads over 1 ton and spans up to 5 meters. Double girder overhead cranes can handle loads of up to 100 tons with spans of 50 meters.

Advantages of Double Girder Cranes in industries 

Double girder crane manufacturer

  • Heavy loads should be lifted frequently with this device
  • Double girders can support additional features such as walkways, maintenance platforms, cabs, and magnetic reels.
  • Double Girder eot crane manufactured to Increase hook height 
  • Its maximum span and capacity are unlimited
  • Heavy equipment production and transportation made easy
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors, such as mining, iron and steel, rail yards, and ports

Various Industries Use Double Girder Crane in India

There are various industries where Brady Morris manufactures a double girder crane in India.

  • Cement
  • Power 
  • Water Treatment  
  • Steel
  • Mining 
  • Oil & Gas
  • Heavy Manufacturing

Final Words on Double Girder eot Crane Manufacturer in India

The leading Double girder eot crane manufacturer and supplier in India, we use state-of-the-art technology and machinery to design, manufacture and supply premium cranes. We encourage you to contact us if you’d like to learn more about our products.

FAQs on Double Girder eot Crane Manufacturer In india

How many types of EOT cranes are there?

There are two types of EOT cranes used in industries for lifting: a single girder crane and the double girder crane. A single girder crane consists of a girder beam supported on either side by an end truck. The double girder crane has two girder beams that form the bridge and are supported by end trucks on either side.

What is girder in cranes?

In cranes, girders are preformed metal beams upon which the crane head or hoist runs. Crane girders are usually heavy steel I-beams that provide a stable track for overhead cranes to travel.

What is a hoist in a crane?

Cranes are used to move loads in different directions, while hoists are used to lift and lower loads. Hoists are capable of moving loads vertically only, while cranes can move loads horizontally and vertically.          

What is the main purpose of a gantry girder?

An overhead crane girder is used to carry heavy materials, equipment, etc., between different parts of an industrial building, such as factories, workshops, steelworks, etc. The crane girder is used to support hand or electrically operated overhead cranes.

What is a runway beam?

A runway beam can be used to lift a building or structure. As a result, a trolley can move freely along the beam, moving a load from end to end. By designing, manufacturing and installing a runway beam to suit your needs.

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