Best Chain Pulley Block Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Brady Morris is a Stock Listed and Popularly known chain Pulley block, manufacturer in India. Our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cranes and other lifting equipment for industries. The capacity of our chain Pulley block is up to 50T. The customization is available as per requirements.

In manual hoists, a chain pulley block is one type of system used to lift the load. It consists of two wheels, and the chain is wound around them. As the chain wound around the wheel, it began lifting the weight in the hook. As a renowned electric chain hoist block Manufacturer in India the lifting equipment industry, we use high-quality materials in our hooks, chain, and wheels. As a result, we can maintain our brand’s popularity and reputation. We have a crane manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad and suppliers of each type of lifting equipment across India.

The Bardy Morris chain pulley block is manufactured with Gun Metal, Aluminium Bronze and Aluminium Phosphorus used in industries. We offer the chain Pulley Block which is able to hold and lift 50T of weight.

Why Choose Bardy Morris chain Pulley Block your Industries 

Chain Pulley Block Manufacturer

We have many reasons for you to use our chain pulley block and other lifting equipment, we explain in brief some of them;

Smooth and Efficient Lifting Operations

The Bardy Morris Chain pulley block is manufactured and customized as per various industrial needs. This helps to produce a smooth and efficient operation in lifting heavy loads. Our Products are capable to lift the weight from 500kg to 10T very smoothly and efficiently.

Chain Pulley Block Safety

Bardy Morris lifting equipment is designed with safety in mind. We always take care of safety first as a chain pulley block manufacturer, you will be assured of extreme safety. Alloy steel is used in the design and manufacture of hooks and wheels. As a result, the material provides high-quality strength and is long-lasting without any corrosion. The locking system on the chain pulley block is very sturdy and steady. They are enclosed to prevent dust from entering. All of our equipment is ISO certified and has passed all essential tests. 

Suitable for lifting various loads

Brady Morris aims to supply the equipment to a number of industries as a well-established Chain Pulley Block manufacturer in India. A chain block is available in a variety of models, including a suspension block, power trolley, push-pull trolley, and geared trolley. Easy customization is available which suits your needs. Even in hazardous conditions, our Manual Hoist Pulley System works well.

Minimalist Designing 

Brady Morris is a Manual hoist or chain pulley block manufacturer that has a very clean and simple design. The design is user friendly and not bulky to use for workers. It is easy to maintain design without any effort.

Advantages of Chain Pulley Block

Chain Pulley Block Manufacturer

There are two main advantages to use chain pulley blocks in industries.


We are the best Chain Pulley block manufacturer in India to provide a cost-effective solution for small-scale and startup businesses. It required less capital to purchase. The best solution for them is to make sure that the work is done quickly and cheaply. As long as you use it, you won’t have to pay anything extra for it, since it involves almost no maintenance. Businesses can save money and time by using this low-investment solution. As an affordable chain pulley block manufacturer in India, Bardy Morris is a great partner for a variety of industries.

2.No Need of Electricity Every Time

For any manufacturing company, electricity is the most important factor. Power outages and voltage fluctuation are big hassles for manufacturing plants. The chain pulley block does not receive regular electricity for operation. By using a manual hoist, you can avoid electricity and voltage fluctuations. Saving time and manpower is the result of this.

Uses of Chain Pulley Block in Industries 

Chain Pulley Block Manufacturer

Chain Pulley Block is manufactured to use in various industries. It is depending upon the amount of load they need to lift. Some of the majorly used industries;

  • Oil and Gas Industries 
  • Construction Industries
  • Steel Industries
  • Textile industries
  • Heavy Electrical equipment manufacturing Industries
  • Telecom and Electrical Tower Assembling 
  • Construction industries 

Highlighted Features of Chain Pulley Block 

  • Design is Anti-Corrosion.
  • Durable and made with alloy steel
  • Locking systems works excellent.
  • All latest safety standards followed equipment
  • Sparking resistance coating
  • Hook built with High strength 
  • Hooks are equipped with safety latched
  • There is almost zero chance of wear and tear.

Our Manual Hoist Products 

  • RS Chain Pulley Block
  • NX Chain Pulley Block
  • ES Chain Pulley Block
  • Non-Sparking Chain Pulley Block
  • Geared Travelling Trolley
  • Non-Sparking Geared 
  • Travelling Trolley

Final Thoughts 

As explained above, chain pulley block manufacturer in India. Brady Morris provides a high-quality product for a variety of industries at very affordable prices. Customization of products is available to customers. Because we offer a variety of manual hoist pulley system products, we can satisfy all of the client’s requirements.