Top Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer in India

Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer in India

Brady Morris is one of the leading brands for Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer in India. We are offering an electric chain hoist range from 0.5 Ton to 10 Tons. In lifting applications, Morris hoists provide flexibility and stability. We have multiple suspension options like hook, suspension, lug suspension, geared trolley & push-pull trolley or electric trolley as per the needs. Along with electric Hoists, Brady Morris is the best known for chain Pulleys and crane manufacturers in Gujarat and India for lighting the goods.

Brady Morris is a popularly known Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer in India. We have provided hook suspensions, compact design, and other lighting features to meet individual needs. Moreover, we offer customized options to customers so they can adjust their workspaces.

Our chain hoists meet requirements with high-quality products. With cutting-edge technology, we can offer products of such high quality. To ensure the safety, the made equipment by following all guidelines.

Electric chain hoist Made by Materials

Brady Morris is the most reputed brand as an electric chain hoist manufacturer in India. Depending on the industrial requirements, we offer a wide range of electric hoists made of steel and alloy steel. We have made our hoists and trolley gearboxes of high strength alloy steel. Moreover, alloy steels and high-quality steel, we have used to make chain baffles and load wheels.

Electric chain hoist used in industries

Brady Morris is a leading Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer in India for customized industrial demands. Heavy and bulky objects are lifted and transported using electric hoists. Due to its automatic process, it reduced the effort. That’s the main reason to use it in large scale industries.

  • Cement
  • Power
  • Steel
  • Sugar
  • Energy
  • Automobile
  • Oil, Gas and Chemical industries.

Electric chain hoist Components

electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer in India

  • Frame: The frame of MS Rolled Steel Plates.
  • Load Chain: The load chains from alloy steel – Grade 80 according to IS: 6216. Higher Tensile Steel – Grade 40 to IS: 3109 (Part II) for 0.5 Te.
  • Hooks: The Forged hook made as per standard IS: 8610.
  • Gears: Specific alloy steel case hardened gears (helical & spur) within a dust-proof gearbox.
  • Load wheel: Load wheels from malleable iron or spherical graphite iron.

Electric Hoist Specification

Capacity Range 0.5-Ton to 10-Ton
Usages Industrial
Product Type Chain Hoist
Trolley Option Yes
Control Voltage 110 Volt
Phase 3 phase

Electric chain hoist Features

  • Working at various voltages (110V/230V or 400V. 50Hz or 60Hz. Three-phase or single-phase. Customization is available.)
  • Easily adjust the Beam Flange Width (Customization available)
  • The designs and quality of this project have been approved and certified by various government agencies, such as MN Duster, MECON, Tata Consultancy, DCPL, L&T, CET, SAIL, CIDC, and others.
  • The weight of the Morris electric hoist is comparatively less due to its design and structure. We include the cooling fan, which helps ensure heat dissipation.
  • Brady Morris is a well-known brand name for electric chain hoist manufacturer in India to provide an electric fail-safe electromagnetic brake design.
  • It is for the transmission between the hoist motor and load sheave with a friction clutch as standard.
  • By doing so, the hoist motor and body from damage caused by excessive loads on the load sheave protected.

Electric Chain Hoist Available Variants

A variety of hoists are available as per requirements. Brady Morris is known as the best Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer in India  having production plant in Ahmedabad . Depending upon the needs in different industries variety of the hoist can be changed. Efficiency and Safety is the biggest concern in workstation to manage the lifting of goods. There are three types of electric hoist buying for industries.

Buy Electric Chain Hoist with Electric Trolley  

Electric Chain Hoist with Electric Trolley can be useful as a replacement for Electric Wire Rope Hoists. With electric trolleys, loads move smoothly and efficiently since they have low resistance. At Brady Morris, you can get the capacity from 1-ton to 10-ton Electric hoist with a trolley. We provide you with customization options of the electric trolleys in weight and Size.

Electric Chain Hoist with Manual Trolley

Brady Morris is the best supplier to provide Electric Chain Hoist with Manual Trolley at an affordable price in India. We can use this as a JIB crane where travelling distance and traverse movements are required less.  You can get the capacity from 0.5-ton to 10-ton Electric Hoist with Manual Trolley. In addition, we provide the push-pull, geared, beam and chain type of hoist in the same price range.

Fixed hoist

When only up-and-down motion is available, a fixed hoist is required. Fixed Hoist type electric chain hoists used for lifting the goods and high lift applications. Different types of customization are available with fixed hoists like fixed hoist ring, fixed ceiling hoist, fixed gantry hoist, wall fixed hoist and fixed overhead hoist. This hoist comes in a capacity from 0.5-ton to 10-ton.

Most Selling Electric Chain Hoists by Capacity

Brady Morris has gained large portions in the market for electric chain hoists Manufacturer in India. We are the leading Morris hoists supplier which has large demands in the Indian market.

1-Ton Electric chain hoist

Get a quotation for an Electric chain hoist 1-ton price in India.

2- Ton Electric chain hoist 

Get a quotation for an Electric chain hoist 2-ton price in India.

3-Ton Electric chain hoist 

Get a quotation for an Electric chain hoist 3-ton price in India.

Benefits of Electric Chain Hoist 

When you invest in buying an Electric Hoist in India, you need to know the benefits of of buy Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer in India for industries.

  1. Increase productivity.
  2. It helps to Load a High Capacity of goods.
  3. Easy to lift anywhere.
  4. Cost-effective solution for industrial lifting requirements
  5. Highly Durable and Long lasting Equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing electric chain hoists you should consider the weight of the load first. The weight that you need to lift will determine what type of hoist you need. As a rule of thumb, for loads less than ten tons, a standard hoist will do.

For industrial applications, three-phase is the best choice, as it is more efficient and there is a wider selection of equipment available. One-phase hoists should only be used if three-phase power is unavailable. If a trolley is needed, consider an electric trolley.

The distance that you must move the load must be divided by the speed of the winch in order to calculate how fast the load is going to be pulled (feet or meters per minute).Using 100 feet per minute as an example, 10 minutes is 100 feet divided by 10 feet per minute.

A residential hoisting device is typically one of three types: A wheeled hoist, a stationary hoist, or a ceiling lift.

You can determine if you have exceeded the hoist motor’s continuous operation rating by dividing the lift length by the lifting speed in feet per minute. If you are unsure, contact us.Hoists with two speeds normally have a slow speed that is one-fourth the main speed.