ES Chain Pulley Block

ES Chain Pulley Block 

Brady Morris is a reputed ES chain pulley block manufacturer and supplier in India. Our company offers the highest quality and most durable manual hoists. Brady & Morris Engineering Co. Ltd is one of the leading brands on the Indian, Stock Market when it comes to Material Handling equipment manufacturers and suppliers. According to the customers’ requirements, we offer all types of chain pulley blocks.

ES chain Pulley block is one of the most commonly used manual hoists with capacities from 500Kgs to 40T. In this range, we are manufacturing Non-Sparking Geared Travelling Trolleys. We customize according to the needs of the customer. We provide the flexible ES chain Pulley block. So, you can use it in various operations of beam types and sizes.

We are a reputed brand in Material Handling Equipment in India. Our team of experts is dedicated all the time to achieving high standards. We use high quality assured components & cutting edge technology to provide better results for clients. We always follow strict rules and guidelines to produce zero-tolerance products. It helps us to pass all safety standards easily.

ES Chain Pulley Block Made by Materials

Brady Morris Offers Various types of Material Options for Manufacturing of ES chain Pulley block in India. We used the materials depending on the clients’ requirements. We manufacture our products using Gun Metal, Aluminum Bronze, or Aluminum Phosphorous for optimal quality and Client satisfaction.

ES Chain Pulley Block Used in Industries

Our Chain Pulleys can be used in Hazardous area applications such as Gas Group IIA and IIB. In Gas Group IIA, propane, or other gases or vapors of equivalent hazard, is present. On the other hand, Gas Group IIB ethylene, or gases and vapors of equivalent hazard is present in the atmosphere. Brady Morris provides ES chain pulley blocks to the cement, power, steel, sugar, chemical, energy, automobile, oil, gas and chemical industries.

ES Chain Pulley Block Components 

ES Chain Pulley Block 

  • Upper Hook Assembly
  • Load Chain
  • Hand Chain
  • Hook Block Assembly

ES Chain Pulley Block Features

  • Designing is safe satisfied with a safety factor of four or higher.
  • A variety of government agencies have approved and certified the designs and quality of this project, including MN Duster, MECON, Tata Consultancy, Delhi Jal Board, DCPL, L&T, CET, SAIL, CIDC, and others
  • Rates contracted with leading companies across India
  • Useful for heavy duty applications.
  • All products manufactured as per IS Standards.
  • A dust-proof fully enclosed welded body.
  • Products available in ISI mark up to 40T.
  • Equipment and Spares Delivery Straight from Stock.

ES Chain Pulley Block Specification

Brand Brady Morris
Usage/Application In cement, power, steel, sugar, chemical, energy, and automobile manufacturing plants.
Material Mild Steel
Type Manual
Capacity 1 ton
Model Name/Number ES Chain Pulley Block
No. Of Falls Of Load Chain 1
Load Chain Diameter 9.5 mm
Load Chain Grade 40
Hand Chain Diameter 4 mm
Hand Chain Grade 30
Test Load 1.5 Ton
Warranty 24 Months
A Hook Suspension 375 mm
Hung In Trolley 480 mm
Built Built-in Type Type Trolley 475 mm
Track Width (Hung In Trolley) A range of 75-125 mm (Range I); a range of 140-180 mm (Range II)
Minimum Clear Depth Of Track 125 mm

The above table shows all the specifications required to decide before buying an ES chain pulley block. Check 1-ton chain block price in India for material handling in industries by Contacting Us. Our team will guide you on your requirements. If you need customization, we will provide it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is chain Pulley Block?

Chain Pulley Block, also known as the manual hoist, is a mechanism used for lifting heavy and middleweight loads in the industries with the help of two wheels and a chain.

How does a chain Pulley block work?

Chain Block has two wheels and a chain. The chain will pull off the wheels are wound around it. The weight is attached to the hock via chain or rod. The load will lift when the wheels begin to turn. Chain Pulley Blocks has used lifting slings or chain bags for lifting more loads.

Can you use a chain block horizontally?

Chain Pulleys lift the loads manually. It is used only in the vertical direction to lift loads. But it is possible to use chain blocks horizontally while side loading for the mechanism to jam.

How do you store a chain pulley block?

Mild steel is used to manufacture chain pulley blocks that why covered with corrosion. Store them in a dry, clean environment to avoid corrosion. Place its suspension above ground and chain wrapped together. Avoid dragging or throwing on the ground for no damage.

How do you use a chain block safely?

The most important thing to remember is to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when using the pulley block. Then, the position of the hook must be directly above the center of gravity. During lowering the load to the ground, be feet and clear to avoid any accidents.

How does a block and tackle system work in a chain pulley block?

Block and tackle systems both are in Chain pulley blocks. Rope and cable are threaded through them to lift the load. A pair of Pulleys forms the block and tackle. Pair works as one to fix and the other to move the load.