Certified & Top Manufacturer of NX Chain Pulley Block Manufacturer

Certified & Top Manufacturer of NX Chain Pulley Block Manufacturer 

ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001 Certified, Brady & Morris company takes pride in being the leading producer of NX chain pulley blocks. The company is specialised in delivering high-quality standardised as well as customised NX chain pulley blocks in India and globally.

Brady & Morris NX chain pulley blocks are the toughest and most durable that are efficient, to lift lower to heavier loads and perform a wide range of operations. Being rated as the top NX chain pulley block manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we offer a variety of models & capacities at the best prices.

Check out the NX Chain Pulley Blocks Technical Specifications:

With the capacity ranging from 0.5 tonnes to 10 tonnes, the NX chain pulley block by Bradymorris can lift 10.5 kgs to 69kgs of weight. Additionally, our chain pulleys are tough & durable that can lift the extra weight from 1.7 kgs to 9.7 kgs. More detailed NX chain pulley block specifications are –


Features of NX Chain Pulley Block Manufacturer

The best thing about Bradymorris services is that they not only provide standardized services but also customise NX Chain Pulley Blocks as per clients’ requirements. The most outstanding features are:

  1. Made of A1 grade quality metal
  2. High-strength and a sturdy hook
  3. Anti-corrosion lightweight design
  4. Manufactured after following all the safety standards
  5. Cost-effective as there are fewer chances of wear and tear
  6. Available in 7 different capacities to let you choose the most suitable NX chain pulley block as per your usage
  7. Hook is well-equipped with safety latches

Advantages of Manual Hoist – NX Chain Pulley Block:

In the modern era, one might not prefer to do things manually. But here comes the twist! Bradymorris readily strives to make things easier and simplified. Manual NX chain pulley block of high-quality, durability, user-friendliness and efficiency make your work smoother & safe. 

NX Chain Pulley Block Manufacturer
NX Chain Pulley Block Manufacturer
  1. For different manual operations, Bradymorris offers reliable & different models of NX chain pulley blocks.
  2. NX chain pulley blocks are manufactured using high-grade raw materials using innovative technology because of which these are used in various lifting vehicles and platforms.
  3. Bradymorris NX chain pulley blocks are not at all bulky, are portable & lightweight and are manufactured by expert advice.
  4. Bradymorris is rated as the leading NX chain pulley block manufacturer in India because they require low maintenance.
  5. NX chain pulley block needs no electricity, oil, or gas and helps you avoid the cost of pulley chain operation.
  6. Fully Certified!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I choose the best NX chain pulley block?

Ans 1. The first and foremost step of choosing the best product is to select a certified and top-rated NX chain pulley block manufacturer. Then, one must plan their requirement like the capacity required, hook or trolley mounted, gear system, type of metal used, and more.

Q2. Do Bradymorris provide samples of NX chain pulley block?

Ans 2. Yes! We do provide samples as per clients’ requirements and specifications. Bradymorris is the ultimate destination where you can also opt for expert advice and make an informed decision.

Q3. Do you deliver NX chain pulley block outside India as well?

Ans 3. Being the leading and top-rated NX chain pulley manufacturer, Bradymorris delivers a variety of products globally. Check out the wide range of offered products on www.bradyandmorris.com.