RS Chain Pulley Block

RS Chain Pulley Block

Brady & Morris is the leading company that manufactures and supplies Chain Pulley Block around the world. These blocks are highly in demand for their impeccable performance. Supreme quality raw material as well as advanced technology is used to build Brady’s Pulley Blocks. They are fully capable to bear load capacity upto 50T without any hassle. Hook suspension is provided for all capacities. Not to mention that these blocks are highly customizable to suit in short headroom space.

The most important thing is safety and for which Brady & Morris are using non- sparking or flameproof materials like gun metal, aluminium bronze, aluminium phosphorus, etc. This kind of blocks is mostly demanded in the oil & gas industries due to the use of flameproof material mentioned above.

Price of each block is kept at an affordable range. They are priced according to its load capacity. Moreover, manual hoist pulley system of these blocks lessens the cost from power usage. Chain Pulley Blocks with Trolley helps in raising and lowering the load with minimum effort.

The Main Components of Pulley Blocks Are-

Chain Pulley Block


• Hook
• Hand Zipper Disk
• Hand Zipper Plate
• Lifting Chain Wheel
• Hand Chain
• Material Lifting Hook
• Load Chain
• Machine Use Anti Skid Nut

Few Inspections To Do If You Want To Buy Blocks-

Length- You should consider checking the length of the blocks before buying. It is because, in most cases, the length of the chain pulley block is shorter or longer than what is written on the identification tag.

Identification Tag- The identification tag contains information like name of the manufacturer, serial number, grade of load chain and lift height. This information is very resourceful as it helps to operate Chain Blocks efficiently.

Connecting Link- During inspection you should check the connecting link if it is in good condition or not.

Cracks or Breaks- Simple Cracks have huge potential to bring severe injuries. Therefore, checking cracks before buying is very crucial.

Stretched Chain Link or Components– Stretched chain link is another important to inspect before buying Chain Pulley Blocks.

Bent or Twisted- Deformed chain links or component is a manufacturing defect which can hamper the usual downward or upward movement of the block.

Excessive Pitting or Corrosion- Corrode parts of block can easily spread to whole body in a short span of time.

The inspection tips provided above will help you to buy the best blocks for your company. And also Brady & Morris provide full insight about everything that is needed to operate blocks.

Salient Features of RS Chain Pulley Block

1. Long lasting and assurance of impeccable service
2. Robust structure and high tensile strength
3. Minimum effort is needed to lift material
4. Efficient in heavy duty application
5. Handling and operating in these blocks is very easy
6. Successfully tested to confirm its loading capacity and tensile strength of load chain
7. They are lubricated properly to smooth past through the chain
8. Low maintenance cost

Manual hoist pulley system is highly recommended for material lifting work. Easy handling procedures and minimum effort requirement makes Chain Blocks highly superior material handling equipment in industries.

Brady & Morris is a forefront manufacturer and exporter of RS Chain Pulley Block in India and other parts of the world. It is highly acclaimed from the top consultants like EIL, Mott McDonald, Jacobs and many more. Recorded test results are shown to the customers at the time of purchase. These blocks engineered by our team are by far the best in the market in comparison to other manufacturing company. We have been successfully delivering blocks which are reliable, efficient and robust in quality. Our team of experts will explain everything related to chain blocks and guide you with the procedure of buying.