Flame Proof Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Flame Proof Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Flame Proof Hoists are an excellent material handling product manufactured by Brady & Morris company. As the name suggest it is a fully flameproof electric wire rope hoist with capacity up to 40T. There are flame proof hoists options available in gun-metal, aluminium bronze or aluminium phosphorus. Built with these non-sparking materials makes FLP Wire Rope Hoist suitable for using in petrochemical plants, oil refineries, gas power plants, wastewater treatment plants, paint factories, pharmaceutical company, etc.

The components of Hoists are completely flameproof which includes flame proof motor, switches, brakes and push buttons. They are also packed with flame proof local control panel and main incoming isolator with contactor, thermal over-load relays & MCBs. FLP hoists are also approved to be used for hazardous area classifications- Gas Group IIA and IIB. Variety of hosts is built in Brady Morris namely Power Trolley, Fixed Suspension, Geared Travelling Trolley and Push-Pull Trolley.

Salient Features of Flameproof Electric Wire Rope Hoist-

Flame Proof Hoists

• Loading capacity is up to 4O Tonnes
• Customizable speed as per client’s requirement
• Pendant push button or radio remote control options are available to operate Electric hoist from safe space
• Best quality rope is provided
• FLP Wire Rope Hoists are built as per ISO standards
• TEFC motors of Electric Hoist with class F insulation assures safety as well as protects the motors when expose to dust and water
• Brady Morris’s Hoists can also be used in low headroom space and for class IV usage
• Robust and flame proof electromagnetic brakes are used in hoisting motion that assures protection in case of power failure.
• Cables which are used to supply power shall be 1100 V grade, PVC insulated, GI armoured & PVC overall sheathead.
• Electric Wire Rope Hoists have a control cabin to monitor .
• Rotational parts provided with the anti-frictional bearings to run in full speed.
• The electric hoist limit switches are provided so that operations are conducted in a certain safety range.

Many industries deal with materials that are highly inflammable and possess potential thread to the whole infrastructure and employee working in that factory. We at Brady Morris are producing this highly durable and efficient Flame Proof Hoists for the customers. FLP Wire Rope Hoists are suitable at such sites with explosion gas mixture combined by combustible gas, steam and air. That’s why, these hoists are not only highly productive but also completely safe to operate in hazardous areas.   

It is highly demanded hoist in the market because of its electronic overload protection and slack chain control. This hoist perfectly fits in overhead cranes, jib cranes, and workstation.

Proper inspection and testing of Flame Proof Hoists is done to ensure  safety, efficiency, capacity, performance, lifting speed, cable strength and much more. The results of these inspection and different tests are recorded for the customers to get practical insight about Hoists.  

Components of FLP Hoists- Gear box, Rope drum, Rope guide, Wire rope, Hook, Brake, Limit switch and Trolley adjustments. The rope drum is built from M.S seamless pipe which have machined cut spiral grooves and it is mounted on self-aligning ball bearings. Rope guide made using non-ferrous material would be the perfect fit for rope to be sat in drum grooves. 

We provide Flame Proof Electric Wire Hoist at a fair price to our customers. Not to mention that we sell electric hoists at the best price range in the market. Contact us directly if we want to know about the variety of electric hoists in our store. 

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