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Double Girder Cranes Manufacturer & Supplier | Brady Morris 2021

Double Girder Cranes Manufacturer by Brady & Morris Company is the finest crane compact with advanced technology. These double girder cranes also often called as bridge crane are highly efficient for medium and heavy duty work. They can carry massive amount of load from one place to another in few seconds. These types of cranes can be operated manually (HOT) as well as electrically (EOT). For carrying smaller amount, these cranes are run on customized, crabs or on fixed suspension type hoists. Brady & Morris manufactures variety of classes of cranes depending on usage and can be made as per IS, DIN, FEM and CMAA standards. Not to mention that multiple hoist or auxiliary hoist is available to customers.

Double Girder cranes are built with two torsion-free box girders which make them perfect to lift and transport heavy loads

These cranes are priced at a budget range which any company with medium and heavy work duty could easily afford. Double Girder Cranes Prices depends on variety of factors which is mentioned below-

  • Crane’s Span
  • Capacity
  • Height of lift
  • Application and other features

To know more about the prices of Double Girder Cranes Manufacturer overhead traveling cranes contact Brady & Morris material handling company.

Double girder crane is a better option than single girder crane in instances where a crane needs to handle more than 25T or span is more than 65 feet. And also these cranes can provide more lifting height as the hoist isn’t hanging underneath the beam. 

Features of Double Girder Crane

  • Modular standard and customized design of Double girder overhead travelling crane is available as per IS3177/IS807
  • Cranes can be operated manually or electrically as per requirement
  • Auxiliary cranes are offered for tandem operation
  • Heavy duty application of these cranes are smooth and flawless
  • Steel Duty Grade Application available as per IS4137/IS807

Features of Double Girder EOT Cranes

  • Cranes possess mammoth capacity upto 150T with 35M Span
  • The noise creation is reduced to a large extent as minimum noise creating double girder EOT crane is available
  • Both customized as well as dual speed model available
  • Easily operable in minimum space as short room model is available
  • The crane technology used is highly superior to carry load safely to another place in a short time
  • Double girder EOT cranes intact with TEFC motors which have class F insulation to provide fully dust-free and water resistant facility
  • These type of crane with electrical mechanism are very easy to handle as it can be started, reversed and brake instantly according to your need
  • Cabin facility is provided so that crane operator can safely monitor the loading and lifting of materials from the space of his cabin
  • Highly flame-proof material like Gun-metal, aluminum bronze and aluminum material is used to built these cranes
  • Fully useful as well as safe to operate in industries such as oil & gas, chemical and refineries
  • Two box girders are robust, rigid and stable for medium to heavy load duty
  • Double girder overhead travelling crane can be operated from the ground through cable connected control pendant or radio remote control

Components of a Double Girder HOT Crane

  • Two torsion-free girders and an end carriage
  • Diligently manufactured manual crab hoisting system along with traveling trolley
  • Other components include hook, gearboxes and various mechanical partsDouble Girder Cranes Manufacturer

Brady & Morris is considered as a leading double girder overhead traveling crane manufacturer not only in India but also globally with yearly sales of 400 quantities. This Double Girder Cranes Manufacturer company is approved by the top consultants such as MECON, Tata Consultancy, MN Dastur, Engineering India Limited, PDIL, PMC, WAPCOS, etc. Our company have been consistently  delivering high-performance cranes in India and other parts of the world since its inception. We shall demonstrate how to operate these cranes and apprise every single detail of the same at the time of purchase. Our team would cooperate with you to provide the best double girder overhead traveling cranes for material handling work.